Exercising the pelvic floor muscles

Pelvic floor exercise is a type of exercise that is designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and muscle groups in the pelvic area that are closely related with weakened pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor

is a flat muscle that closes the pelvis in the lower part and at the same time supports and carries, together with abdominal, seating and lumbar muscles, organs stored in the lower abdomen. The main role of the pelvic floor is to open and close the hole in the urethra when emptying the bladder. Leakage of urine is the most common symptom of pelvic floor become weak.

Appropriate exercises not only strengthen the weak urethral sphincter, but women are easier to prevent a possible gynecological operations – plastic operations that are needed to be performed due to uterus and bladder decrease. Strong pelvic floor muscles also appreciate women during pregnancy, when the muscle becomes weaker due to the pressure of the fetus. Its control, especially the release will help during childbirth.

Pelvic floor exercises for men will not only help with urine leakage, but may also improve the ability to maintain erections.

Test your pelvic floor muscles and learn how they work.

During the morning urination, try to interrupt urination and completely stop the flow of urine. It is appropriate to try it several times during urination. If you succeed, your muscles are sufficiently strong and its strength should only be maintained by occasional exercise. In case of failure start with a training as soon as possible.

You will get a feel for the activity of this muscle by interruption of urination due to squeeze of the pelvic floor, which will help you to realize its movement during exercise.



Basic exercises to strengthen pelvic floor

Simple exercise, which has no spatial or time restriction. It is very convenient to perform it as often as you remember it. The more often and more intensely you exercise, the sooner you notice the result.

Standing, sitting or lying down, concentrate on the pelvic floor.
Take a breath and when exhale squeeze the muscles as if you wanted to hold urine and pull muscles around the urethra and vagina (men around the anus) upwards into a small pan. Relax and feel the muscles are soft and fall down. Repeat 10 times.
Repeat it during the day.


There is a simple exercise that will help you in the event of sudden urgency to urinate.

When standing, bend and touch the ground with hands as low as possible. The pressure in the abdominal cavity is moved to the opposite side and thus a feeling of urgency is lost  for a moment.
In everyday life, it can be used  as a discreet bend, bend to the ground for something, or you can lace your shoes. It is appropriate to engage the imagination and prepare few opportunities in advance, or even practice them at home. 

These exercises are not a substitute for professional medical care or physical therapy. They are designed to complement your treatment for conducting exercises at home and exercises are recommended  only after the consultation with your doctor or physiotherapist.

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