Exercise for healthy feet

In the standing position:


1. Stand firmly on your feet (1A)  and slowly rub your right feet to right (1B) and left to the left (1C), alternately. Repeat 10 times.




2.  Walk through the room (3 m) there on a tips (2A), on the heels back (2B). Repeat 5 times. 




3. Walk through the room wit "stork step."

There: Stand on both legs (3A). Right leg lifted high above the ground, shrug it in the knee (3B), take a step forward, land on the heel (3C), the weight transfer to the tip (3D) and the whole foot, when transferring weight to the tip of landed leg, start to move the left foot .

Return: (backing-up) Stand on both legs (3E). Right leg lifted high above the ground, shrug it in the knee (3F), take a step back, land on the tip (3G), the weight transfer to the heel and whole foot (3H), continue walking with left foot.

Repeat 5 times 



Exercise is also suitable for practicing the correct walking stereotype.

Sitting on the chair:


4. Place paper towel on the floor, or paper tissue. Lift it alternatively with fingers of right and left leg (4A, 4B). Repeat 5 times.

Alternate with the following exercise no.5, and repeat the exercise no.4, by lifting textile handkerchief, or piece of cloth with fingers (4C, 4D), then add the lifting of small objects - pens (4E, 4F), pencils (4G, 4H), or grasp neck of the bottle (4I, 4J ). You can also lay a larger, thicker book on the ground and browse pages with fingers (4K, 4L). If you are doing well, you can browse for a specific page. Be sure to alternate legs and let your fingers rest, exercise any other exercise in order.



Exercise is also very suitable for the treatment of flat feet


5. Lift the leg from the ground, straighten the knee and rotate the ankle 5 times to the right (5A) and 5 times to the left (5B). Alternate legs.



Rotation of ankle is an excellent exercise for nice ankles.

Sitting on the floor:

6. Legs straight. Tip of right leg stretched, (6A)  move it on the front area of ​​the left leg to the knee (6B). Repeat 5 times, alternate right and left foot. 




7. Legs straight, rotate both ankles, 5 time to the left, 5 time to the right.

8. Legs straight. Shrug right leg at the knee and move it to the chest. Shrug and stretch left leg. Repeat 5 times with, alternate legs.

9. Grasp the thumb on a right leg with the left hand (9A). Separate it from the other fingers and and spread your other fingers with hand (9B). Then start with the little finger (9C) and finish with your thumb. Repeat 3 times, then repeat the procedure for releasing the fingers on the other foot.



Lying on the back


10. Legs straight. Tips together (10A), push them apart (10B). Repeat 5 times.




11. Legs stretched and slightly apart. Move tips out (11A) and inside(11B). Repeat alternately five times.




12. Lift both legs above the surface and cycle in the air. Cycle slowly, focus on individual parts of the movement in the ankles, knees and hips. Start cycling for half a minute, later prolong to 3 minutes, or if you can do even more.



Cycling not only helps your feet, all the joints, but also strengthens your abdominal muscles.

It is also appropriate as a rehabilitation exercise after injuries in the legs (fractures, sprains) after foot surgery (hallux and other foot deformities), the prevention and treatment of flat feet.


These exercises are not a substitute for professional medical care or physical therapy. They are designed to complement your treatment for conducting exercises at home and exercises are recommended  only after the consultation with your doctor or physiotherapist.

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