Learning Disabilities

At present, the increasing attention is paid to a specific learning disorders of children.

Usually it's the kids who often have average or above the average intelligence, yet have great difficulty in mastering the basics of reading, writing and mathematical knowledge.

It is very important to detect these problems early and then provide the necessary assistance to children to prevent their defensive reactions, which are the most common behavioral disorders. Unsuccessful children are disappointed with failures in school, parents are disappointed too. They can not find the cause of this failure, though the children are doing everything possible in school and at home to achieve good results in education.


Causes of specific learning disabilities

Specific learning disabilities are caused by visual, hearing and motor skills disabilities, mental retardation or other mental disorder or adverse environmental influences. Although the outward manifestation can be quite similar. They develop due to incompletely developed functions of the central nervous system, immaturity of thought centers of the brain and their interconnections. These disorders has individual nature, often caused by uneven maturing of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Inheritance is involved in fifty percent of the cases. A common cause may be a minor injury in the brain around the time of birth. Learning difficulties may arise at a later age, usually due to some disability or disease of the central nervous system.


We divide the specific learning disabilities depending on what area they ​​affect:

dyslexia - reading disorder


dysgrafia - writing disorder


dysorthography - fault spelling


dyscalculia - math disability


dyspraxia - motor disorder and ataxia


dysphasia - fault development and understanding speech


These problems mainly occur in combination. When the diagnosis one disability, there is a possibility of another of the aforementioned disorders.


Children must never be compared with others, because in them, the sense of injustice deepens and promotes the awareness of their own shortcomings. School failures and lack of understanding from parents and people around triggers inferiority complex. Psychic disorders, unacceptable behavior leading up to the criminal manifestations are more severe problems than specific learning disabilities themselves.


You need to learn to live with learning disability

Learning Disabilities received its name because they can not be removed when children write more, read more and practice math. The only way to help children with this disorder is to fully understand the problem and teach them and their surroundings to live with this problem. There is no proven method that will show the right path. It is up to all who come into contact with children how they can penetrate into this issue. With the help of qualified teachers and psychologists, you need to choose the right teaching methods from the beginning of the learning process and thus, prevent potential mental and emotional disorders of children.


An important task is to increase self-confidence and self-esteem of children, encouraging them to believe in themselves. It is necessary to ensure that children with learning disabilities will not stress themselves and realize, that every problem is solvable with patience.


The reward for all will be the joy from the success of children

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