Exercises on fit ball during pregnancy


Exercise is recommended for all healthy pregnant women, taking into account the overall condition of the future mother and, if necessary, consultation with physician.


Basic principles of exercise during pregnancy
-  Training on a mat
-  Continuously and regularly breathe during the exercise, do not hold breath
- Do not stretch feet to a tip, restrict excessive compression of calves
- Do not exercise if you are breathless or feeling tired or pain


Size of fit ball

Your height                            Diameter of  fit ball

140 - 160 cm                          55 cm

160 -1 80 cm                          65 cm

more than 180 cm                  75 cm

Exercises in standing position:


1. Stride, back against the wall. Put fit ball between wall and back and press it gently against the wall - 1A, palms on thighs - the starting position - 1B. Inhale and knee-bend - 1C and subsequently,  while exhale, return to the starting position - 1D. Repeat 3 to 5 times


2. Starting position - 2A. Ball pressed against the wall with back. Roll it on a wall and do as large circle as possible  - 2B, 2C, 2D. Breathe smoothly and regularly. Repeat 3 times on each side.



3. Sitting on the ball, stretch your back, feet apart on shoulder width and stand firmly on the mat with your feet  - 3A. Shrugs hands in elbows and put them together with palms - 3B. Inhale and and raise your hands up, above your head with exhale- 3C, subsequently  return hands to the starting position - 3D. Repeat 5 times.

4. Sitting on the ball, stretch your back, feet apart on shoulder width and stand firmly on the mat with your feet - 4A. palms on thighs, lean head - 4B, hands pushing towards mat, gradually bend  your back and relieving spondyl after spondyl - 4C. The deep bend - 4D endure for a few seconds, the entire spine is relaxed, breathe. Slowly return in the opposite sequence of movements to the upright position - 4A. Repeat three times.

5. Sitting on the floor, put the arms on the ball, lean on forearm. Legs slightly shrug in knees, capture ball with them, feet on mat - 5A. Push elbows and forearms to the ball - 5B, stay in a position for a few seconds and release - 5A. Repeat 6-8 times



Exercise in kneeling position:

6. Kneel down, sideways to the ball, shrug leg in a hip joint and put it on the ball where you shrug  knee to 90 ° - 6A. Move ball backwards with knee- 6B roll it to the side - 6C, roll it to the body - 6D. Slowly roll the ball in circle, breathe regularly, repeat 6 times. Switch legs and repeat the exercise on the opposite side of the body.




These exercises are not a substitute for professional medical care or physical therapy. They are designed to complement your treatment for conducting exercises at home and exercises are recommended  only after the consultation with your doctor or physiotherapist.

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